jerusa_oliveira, from Brazil, Looking for a man
jerusa_oliveira: 54 Years, Brazil - Area Rio de Janeiro, Rio de janeiro
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I am a woman in the age of 54 years and God & Belief take a great and important place in my life. I am Christian and would like to meet a man for Marriage with the same point of view to religion (Christian). I would be happy if you sent me a message and we learned some more about other similarities we could share with each other besides our religious belief. Maybe it is also possible to start a relationship between us if you are open to my world views and could day by day share with me the same religious values. I think it′s nice to start a relationship in God′s name for every man and woman. It does not matter if you are tall or small, what hair color you have, where you come from and what language you speak. However, we could firs write each other messages or chat with each other to discuss simply what motivations we have and how to build a successful relationship with each other. Let′s try it please.
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