Deise, from Brazil, Looking for a man
Deise: 55 Years, Brazil - Area São Paulo, São Paulo
Me about myself and the man I am looking for

I am a woman looking for a man for e-m@il Correspondence. I am 55 years old and come from Brazil, Area São Paulo, São Paulo. Here is just a small part of my information. Sign in and find out more about me. It would be nice if we communicated to see whether we fit to each other. Please send a message for me to show that you want to contact me. I will view you profile informations. Who knows, perhaps even more will erise from this simple internet date. Contact me simply even if you are not looking for a date for e-m@il Correspondence and if you do not live in Brazil, Area São Paulo, São Paulo. We do not have to meet personally at once to learn more about each other. A photo and the lines of the message also tell a lot about a person. With 55 years it is not easy as a rule to enter into a new relationship. But if so, then it will hold if both are interested. And I have the interest, because you do not know how long it will be possible to love. Place your own personal ad here, maybe I will pay attention on you! See you.
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